Queer Biker Invasion of Death Valley

Homotos, this is a tradition that we have been following for several years. This is not really a totally official Homoto ride, nor a group ride at all. It’s more like a free association of free like-minded riders, along the lines of what the instigator and self-proclaimed disorganizer of The Ride Formerly Known As QIDV..

We however approach this event like we do on any other Homoto ride…. We stick together, have a ride lead, a sweep and a safety kit wth gps transponder to keep us safe! If you don’t want to stick with homoto the entire trip, that’s totally cool. Just let us know you’re separating from the group.

Day 1: https://goo.gl/maps/opBcQcmczsk

We will meet up Saturday morning, October 7th, in front of the Castro Theater at 8:00am.

• 8:00am Meetup A: Castro Theater, 429 Castro St, San Francisco

• 8:30 KSU (80 miles to gas)

• 10:00 Meetup B: & Gas: Statewide Petroleum, 1700 E Yosemite Ave, Manteca (95 to gas)

• 11:45 Lunch: Priest Station Cafe, 16756 Old Priest Grade, Groveland

• 2:00 Gas: 8028 Big Oak Flat Rd, Yosemite Valley (60 to gas)

• 4:00 Gas: Mobil, 22 Vista Point, Lee Vining (84 to gas)

• 6:00 Gas: Shell, 1290 N Main St, Bishop

• 6:15 Motel 6: 1005 N Main St, Bishop

• 7:30 Dinner: La Casita Mexican, 175 S. Main St. Bishop 760-873-4828

Lodging: Motel 6, Bishop. (760) 873-8426

Day 2: https://goo.gl/maps/F4pBz7PzGLD2

• 7:30 Meetup: Starbucks 905 N Main St, Bishop (60 miles to gas)

• 8:00 KSU

• 9:00 Gas: Chevron,1900 S Main St,Lone Pine (113 to gas)

• 11:30 Zabriskie’s Point Group Photo

• 12:00 Lunch Furnace Creek Ranch:

• 1:15: Gas: Chevron,Furnace Creek Gas, just around the corner from lunch (99 to gas)

• 3:00 Gas: Shell, 82264 Trona Rd, Trona. (85 to gas)

• 5:00 Gas: Shell, 10800 Kernville, Rd, Kernville

• 5:15 Lodging: Kernville Inn, 11042 Kernville Rd, Kernville

• 6:00 to whenever.. Meet & Greet w/ Pizza and drink at the Kernville Inn.

Lodging, Kernville Inn, (760) 376-2206

Day 3: https://goo.gl/maps/59CZKKRF3YN2

• 7:30 Breakfast: Cheryl’s Diner 11030 Kernville Rd

• 8:30 KSU

• 9:30 Gas Chevron, 11101 CA-178, Bakersfield (98 to gas)

• 11:30 Gas Chevron Coalinga, 307 W Elm Ave, Coalinga (get a snack) · (97 to Gas) ·

• 12:15 Lunch: Cafe 101, 101 W Polk St, Coalinga ·

• 1:15 KSU (26 to gas) ·

• 3:30 Gas: Chevron, 631 San Felipe Rd, Hollister (26 to gas)

• 4:00 Gas & Goodbys: Chevron, 851 Cochrane Rd, Morgan Hill

Tech Seminar; Environmentally friendly oil & filter change

• What we’ll do
We will learn not only about draining and filling your motorcycle oil and changing the filter, but what the fines are for not disposing of properly, where are local oil recycling centers and what used motor oil can be hazardous to the environment and to your skin. Gloves will be provided.

• What to bring
I am sure one of you has a motorcycle that needs an oil change…and for whoever needs an oil change, they need to bring their own oil and filter.

• Important to know
Oil and filter change, other points of lubrication, safely disposing of used motor oil.

There are costs involved in producing this seminar, a ($10) donation is suggested, however you will not be turned away for lack of funds.