2018 Homoto M/C Board Retreat for Board Members Only!

This retreat is mandatory for all 2018 Board Members.  Please plan ahead to make sure you will be there.  This is our planning event of the year!

We will have a morning coffee and pastries with lunch catered. Lodging will not be necessary.

We will discuss things that make us tick as individuals and as a group. It will be both fun and informative! We do this annually to bring the Board together so we can work more efficiently as a team to deliver the best Homoto Motorcycle Club our members can imagine!

In preparation for this retreat, I would like you all to take some time to create an agenda for your current board position. We would like to hear your ideas for your position, how they can be incorporated, and how you plan to make it work.  We will also discuss how these goals benefit Homoto so that we support all goals as a team.   

In the coming weeks, I will create a schedule for this retreat, similar to that of the 3rd Sunday member’s meetings.  Our agenda for the retreat will be more comprehensive.  In order to make the day successful, we will listen, collaborate, and stay on topic.